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Industrial Water Recycle & Reuse

Reduce water footprint, lower operating costs and improve operational sustainability

Industrial water reuse and recycling is the process by which wastewater produced from one source is treated to be reused in the same process or recycled for another. Various methods for recycling or reusing industrial water are available, depending on water quality requirements, space constraints, and budgetary considerations. Benefits can include the reduction of freshwater costs, wastewater flows, and the size of your water footprint. Operational efficiency and sustainability can also be increased along with improved production capacity due to the increase in available clean water.


Opportunities for Industrial Wastewater Reuse and Recycle:

  • General wastewater recycling
  • Cooling tower blowdown
  • Boiler blowdown
  • RO reject
  • Once through cooling water
  • Ion exchange rinse waters
  • Collected rain waters

Choosing the Right Water Reuse Solution

Each industry has different sources of wastewater that must be evaluated carefully in order to find the right treatment and reuse solution. Evoqua can help with challenges that may include an increase in process demand, compliance with tighter regulations, water and discharge costs, or corporate sustainability initiatives. Our broad range of equipment solutions and extensive application expertise can help engineers, consultants and plant managers to procure and deliver a comprehensive solution with minimal disruption to existing operations.

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