Municipal Wastewater

Helping meet regulatory compliance, reduce cost & reuse water

As effluent water quality regulations have become more stringent, the need for high-quality municipal wastewater treatment solutions has continued to grow. 

For more than 100 years, Evoqua has been a leader in helping support consulting engineers and municipalities with innovative wastewater treatment technologies to protect water and respond to market needs, and evolving wastewater treatment standards. Our portfolio delivers energy efficient, long-life equipment and systems that include primary and secondary clarification, biological treatment, tertiary wastewater filtration, anaerobic digestion, and odor control solutions. 

Whether your system supports 1 or 100 million residents, with Evoqua as your partner we can help provide a complete package of wastewater sustainable options - from design and installation to engineering, training, and service.  The result is a solution that guarantees value and water quality.

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