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Short Term Operating Contract

When you have a short-term or time-delimited project, uninterrupted process is essential, and you need effective equipment operated by experts.

Equipment that is mobile or otherwise temporarily contracted can satisfy your need for a rapid response. We also supply the expertise needed to run and maintain the equipment so you have one less thing to worry about. You can focus on expansion or repairs and we will ensure your uptime.

Guaranteed water quality, quantity

No or low capital investment

Capacity on demand 

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Liquid/Vapor Phase
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DAF Rental Units for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Evoqua has three DAF rental units each of a different size, designed to remove total suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, and fats, oils and greases from a wastewater stream

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FlexRO® Reverse Osmosis Units

FlexRO® 100-gpm reverse osmosis units are skid-mounted and self-contained

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FlexTrex® Portable DI Systems - FlexTrex 36/42/48

Flextrex® units are skid-mounted ion-exchange temporary units ideal for polishing raw water and RO permeate.

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Mobile Clarification Trailer

Self-contained, trailer-mounted units and skidded units capable of treating highly turbid water.

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Granular Activated Carbon & Other Medias

Mobile and emergency solutions using carbon vessels to remove contaminants from liquid and vapor streams.

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Ion Exchange (IX) Systems

Mobile and emergency ion exchange solutions to remove organic and inorganic contaminants from water.

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Dredge Spoils

Dredging benefits shipping, municipal boating, and other waterfront construction projects. The dredge spoils must be dewatered prior to disposal or reuse and the water may need to be treated prior to discharge back into the water source.


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Construction Site Water Treatment

A construction site can be many things: a building site, a waterfront development along an ocean, lake or river or a dredging project in a municipal or other community harbor.

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Biosphere Mobile Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) System

Rental or temporary, mobile MBBR systems for industrial wastewater treatment

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