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Iron and Manganese Removal

Improve water color, eliminate metallic taste, and extend filter life

Iron and Manganese Levels in Your Water

The recommended levels of 0.3 mg/L Fe and 0.05 mg/L Mn correspond to concentrations above which iron and manganese will cause problems such as colored water, staining and taste. This can lead to discoloration in laundered goods, “black” water, water main incrustation, deposits on industrial equipment and debris at the water tap.

Iron and Manganese Removal


Solutions to Remove Excess Iron and Manganese

Though chlorine can be used to control these problems, it reacts so slowly that iron and manganese ions may still remain in the water distribution system after 24 hours and can reach the end user. Chlorine dioxide and ozone react much more rapidly with iron and manganese, oxidizing them to ferric hydroxide and manganese dioxide solids. The Fe and Mn compounds are then removed by filtration.  

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