Construction, Trench & Dredge Dewatering Treatment

Mitigate construction delays with mobile & emergency water treatment systems

Construction dewatering is required on nearly all construction sites for the removal of accumulated groundwater or surface water from retention ponds, trenches and excavations. Dewatering is also necessary to avoid the erosion or contamination of soil and provide a safe work environment for the project.


Dewatering can require pumping from rim ditches, trenches or well points and is usually completed prior to and during excavation. The water is then treated to remove contaminants before discharge to land, surface water or storm sewer inlets.

Evoqua works closely with contractors and construction companies to provide mobile treatment solutions for the removal of contaminants that may include suspended solids, organic hydrocarbons, per- and polyfluroalkyl substances (PFAS), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), heavy metals, lead, iron, emulsions, algae, dyes, ultra-trace mercury, selenium and more.

For water treatment, we have one of the largest, most diverse mobile fleets in the country. With our proven solutions we can remove any contaminant at any flow rate relative to treatment for ground water control measures at construction sites, and meet or exceed your treatment goals. Every water is different and the results of your water test will help define the best solution for your project.

Our solutions include emergency services as well as temporary short-term rentals and solutions designed for long-term or permanent installation.

Our diverse, mobile treatment solutions include enclosed systems which are heated for cold weather applications, and are ideal for sites with noise restrictions.

We also provide solutions for odor and air emission issues to ensure compliance.

Water Treatment At Construction Sites

Residential and Commercial construction sites often need dewatering. That water must often be treated for Total Suspended Solids and contaminants including PFAS.

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