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Sanitization of Water Systems

Proper sanitization controls microbiological contaminants

Microbial control in water systems is achieved primarily through continuous or intermittent sanitization procedures. Heat, ozone or chemicals all represent options for sanitizing agents. The method selected depends on the level of risk and concern that microbial contamination presents to your operation. The selection will also have an influence on the water system design.

pharmaceutical water system

Evoqua can design and build your water system for continuous hot water or ozone sanitization, or we can provide systems that are designed for intermittent sanitization. Our service professionals can also perform on-site chemical or ozone sanitizations, when and where required.

Our patented S3 (Sanitize, Start, Stop) process also provides an economical approach. With the use of a short heat sanitization cycle, S3 can reduce water and energy consumption in systems that recirculate, providing savings over conventional approaches.

Featured Product: Ozone Systems

Ozone is the most powerful commercially available oxidizing and disinfecting agent. It is also a safe and controlled process, leaving effectively no residuals in the treatment stream.

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