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PFAS, PFOA & PFOS Contaminant Treatment

Remove PFAS chemical sources with proven solutions ranging from groundwater remediation to construction dewatering

Polyfluroalkyl substances, known as PFAS, are man-made chemicals found in everyday items. The list of items with PFAS chemicals includes fast-food wrappers, stain-resistant fabrics, non-stick cookware and firefighting foams, to name a few.

PFAS, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and perflurooctane sulfonate (PFOS) - collectively known as PFAS, can also be found in rivers, lakes, streams, aquifers, municipal and private wells, impacting drinking water and process water.

Based on the newly proposed EPA PFAS National Primary Drinking Water Regulation, Evoqua’s MitiGATOR™ mobile system, as well as our permament systems, is capable of meeting the updated rulemaking. Additionally, the EPA pre-publication notice names GAC and ion exchange resin as Best Available Technologies (BAT) for PFAS treatment. Sign up for our PFAS Resource Guide.

The chemical bonds of PFAS can take decades to breakdown. However, water sources can be effectively treated for PFAS and other emerging contaminants using proven carbon, resin and other solutions.

Proven Solutions for PFAS Mitigation

We are solutions-based whether you are a municipal customer or an industrial partner. That means we focus on treating PFAS in water rather than selling you a specific product. We provide the most effective solutions based on your water and treatment goals. Permanent, emergency, mobile and rental solutions are available with flexible financing options.

  • Municipal Drinking Water Producers - We offer the full-solution for PFAS removal for municipal drinking water applications. From discovery and consultation through installation and on-going technology operational services we have the expertise and the history of success in meeting targeted treatment goals for communities of all sizes throughout the country. One outstanding example is a community in New Hampshire where we worked with the town from testing through installation to ensure their treatment goals were met. Our successful systems are seen in this news story here.

    Whether your customers number in the millions or the hundreds we can offer assistance and expertise from the moment you discover PFAS in your water. Following review of water quality testing results we can design and deploy pilot tests or rapid small-scale column tests (RSSCT) using media best suited for your water chemistry and treatment goals.

    What rapid response solutions does Evoqua Water Technologies have to mitigate PFAS?

    • Emergency mobile solutions such as Evoqua's MitiGATORTM mobile system.
    • Short-term rental units
    • Long-term rental units and lease-to-own

    If it’s not possible for you to shut down your contaminated water source, we can respond quickly with emergency mobile units. These can be purchased for long term use or provide contaminant removal while a more optimized permanent solution is being designed. We also have short-term mobile units for rent which can be used on site for a specific amount of time, or longer-term mobile placement for projects on a contract basis.

    We are technology-agnostic and therefore can design the most effective system to meet or exceed your treatment goals, based on a wide variety of media and vessel options. Evoqua partners with municipalities directly or with engineering firms to integrate our solutions into existing systems and can base our designs on most site-specific requirements such as footprint or height.

  • Airports and Military Bases - Airports and military bases are removing PFAS and other contaminants from groundwater and soil, left from decades of firefighting training exercises. Some states are even awarding grants specifically for PFAS testing and cleanup for airports. We have successful installations on airfields, military bases and within the aerospace industry. Additionally, we have solutions for soil remediation which can be implemented concurrently with groundwater remediation. Our proven solutions can meet MCLs and other treatment goals.

  • Construction and Commercial Dewatering - If your need is short-term or project-based site remediation related to contaminated groundwater, we have proven mobile solutions. We can schedule for planned projects or respond to emergency requests with one of the nation's largest fleets of mobile assets. From mitigating high water tables to removing contaminants such as PFAS from site groundwater we provide expertise and proven solutions. Click for more details.
  • Industrial Water - Industrial wastewater must often be treated for PFAS or other contaminants prior to municipal discharge. Among a wide variety of industrial wastewater solutions we provide ion exchange media and services which mitigate metals and other inorganics as well as contaminants like PFAS.

With one of the nation's largest and most versitile mobile fleets, and a wide array of permanent vessel systems we can meet or exceed both treatment goals and expectations. 

Evoqua's MitiGATOR Mobile System

Mobile contaminant removal for potable water applications - including PFAS and other emerging contaminants

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