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Ultrapure Water

Meet ASTM & SEMI standards for the semiconductor industry

Manufacturing processes in the semiconductor industry requires ultrapure water at nearly every phase. Treating intake water to high quality levels requires processes and water treatment technologies to remove contaminants, minerals, microorganisms, and trace organic and nonorganic chemicals.


Simply meeting today's water quality demands is not good enough and Evoqua understands that the next technology cycle will call for even more rigorous specifications that add to the cost of every chip produced. Our extensive portfolio of technologies can address the three steps of an ultrapure water system; Makeup, Primary and Polishing systems.

  1. Makeup Systems - include filtration, granular activated carbon/chlorine control, softening/scale control, pH adjust and reverse osmosis.
  2. Primary Systems - include TOC reduction UV, membrane-based degasification, deionization (CDI or mixed beds) and sub-micron filtration. Evoqua’s VNX-EX CDI systems are designed specifically for the semiconductor industry with a second-to-none silica and boron removal capability.
  3. Polishing Systems - include TOC reduction UV, membrane-based degasification, mixed bed deionization, sub-micron filtration and ultrafiltration. Evoqua’s NR-45 Meg Nano mixed bed ion exchange resin is our latest generation product which has been tested to SEMI C-93 protocols.

To ensure your water system is operating at peak performance, we can provide unparalleled service via our Water One® service, a revolutionary digital water management solution which combines Evoqua’s water expertise, proactive service, proven technology and data intelligence. Water One services ensures your water treatment system is fully optimized by using technology to drive efficiency in operation and service.

We can also help address mixed bed resin exchange, preventative maintenance, and operational contracts. Our retrofit and upgrade solutions improve water quality, reliability, reduce operating costs and increase capacity. For Point of Use (POU) applications, our Vanox® POU System and Vanox POU-F Filtration products produce water exceeding ASTM E-1.2 standards.

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