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Wastewater Recovery: Applications, Treatment, and Smart Technology Solutions

How digitally enhanced wastewater recovery can benefit your facility

Wastewaters from metal finishing, production and cleaning processes may contain a number of contaminants that require removal to either compliantly discharge the wastewater or reuse it within your facility.  Treatment for recovery and reuse sounds good – but is it appropriate for your wastewater and your process?  If recovery is appropriate, how do you accomplish it and what are the benefits?

Join Evoqua wastewater experts Chris Riley and Jeff Belote for this educational webinar hosted by Products Finishing.  

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Typical metal processing wastewater contaminants and conditions
  • Points to consider when deciding if wastewater recovery makes sense
  • Technologies such as ion exchange and reverse osmosis for wastewater recovery
  • Digitally enhanced ion exchange wastewater recovery
  • How digitally enhanced wastewater recovery can benefit your process and facility

We also review a real-life application of a digitally enhanced wastewater ion exchange system, including a walkthrough of the technology’s capabilities, system outputs and how this technology provided a high quality, consistent recovered water supply that improved operational efficiency.

Wastewater Recovery: Applications, Treatment, and Smart Technology Solutions

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Chris Riley
Technical Services Director, WWIX, Evoqua Water Technologies

Chris Riley is the Technical Services Director for the Evoqua Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) business and is responsible for directing technical support activities for WWIX customers as well as supporting WWIX media regeneration and quality operations.

Prior to joining Evoqua, Chris held environmental engineering roles in the electroplating and environmental consulting industries where he worked in the areas of wastewater treatment and operations support, environmental auditing and process waste minimization.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, a Master’s degree in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a registered professional engineer.

Jeff Belote
Sr. Business Development Manager, WWIX, Evoqua Water Technologies

Jeff Belote is a senior business development manager within Evoqua's WWIX group. With a history at Evoqua since 2014, Jeff's roles have included positions withing the ultra-high purity water and wastewater teams. Prior to Evoqua, Jeff was a partner at LBI Technologies and a technical development manager at CETCO Environmental, where he focused on site remediation.