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Pipeline Hydrostatic Test Water Treatment

Water treatment expertise post pipeline & tank hydrotests

Industries utilize many above ground vessels including gas cylinders, boilers, evaporators or pipelines where fluid such as gas, water, or even highly corrosive chemicals are transported from one place to another. The transport of these fluids requires a specific range of pressure where routine integrity testing is vital to ensure there are no leaks that could potentially create environmental contamination.

Evoqua specializes in providing onsite mobile water treatment and services for above ground tank and pipeline hydrostatic test water treatment. These services include temporary piping, pumps, and filtration of source water if needed or required. Our systems are customized to treat specific contaminants as well as general water impurities, to comply with discharge permit limits based on the water volume and flow rate requirements of each project.


Evoqua’s capabilities include the treatment of hydrocarbons, suspended solids, chlorine, tracer dyes, metals, PCB’s and more. For applications that require abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOC), we offer vapor control systems. Our turnkey services include equipment delivery and set-up, media loading and extraction, system operation, media disposal, discharge monitoring and final project reporting.

Hydrotest Project on Refinery Pipeline

Evoqua successfully removes contaminants from crude oil pipeline, returns cleaned water to waterway and sends spent carbon to our kiln for reactivation - a sustainability practice.

Hydrotest Case Study

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