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Nutrient Recovery

Transforming management of nutrients from source to field to help protect precious natural resources.

Wastewater typically contains a large amount of nutrients - particularly phosphorus - that can pose a harmful threat to infrastructure and the environment, causing problems such as eutrophication in waterbodies and a buildup of struvite in mechanical systems. By using a nutrient recovery process, wastewater treatment plants can mitigate these challenges while improving water quality, cost-effectively meeting stringent discharge limits, and converting discarded phosphorus into an environmentally friendly fertilizer needed to grow food.

This nutrient recovery solution is a truly sustainable approach to wastewater management because it recovers nutrients from where they shouldn’t be – in our waterways – and transforms them into high-performing fertilizers, proven to increase yields while reducing runoff and non-point source pollution.

Nutrient recovery contributes to the social, environmental, and economic benefits of a circular economy

To help deliver an innovative wastewater nutrient recovery solution, Ostara’s Pearl® System, offered by Evoqua Water Technologies, harvests nutrients from wastewater and transforms them into an eco-friendly fertilizer. This innovative and sustainable approach provides communities and industries around the world with a process to manage valuable nutrients while meeting strict phosphorus discharge limits. 

Did you know?
Ostara's Pearl® system by Evoqua can remove up to 85% of Phosphorus (P) and 40% of Nitrogen (N) from the reactor feed.

The Pearl® System

The Standard in Nutrient Recovery

Ostara’s Pearl system by Evoqua is a fluidized bed reactor designed to recover phosphorus from municipal and industrial waste streams though the controlled precipitation of crystalline struvite.  Within the Pearl system reactor, the growth of struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) is facilitated by the addition of magnesium in a controlled pH setting. This allows nutrients to crystallize into eco-friendly fertilizer granules, which are harvested, dried, and then distributed and sold by Ostara as Crystal Green® Fertilizer.

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Note: Ostara, Pearl, and Crystal Green are trademarks of Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, Inc., used under license.

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