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Chemical Free & Sustainable Options in Beverage Industry Production

This webinar reviews the solutions available to improve the quality and safety of water used for beverage production

Microorganism contamination can affect the taste, color, odor, and shelf life of bottled water, soft drinks, and a wide variety of beverage products. It is critical that product or process water is free from these contaminants to ensure high-quality water that meets production requirements. Beverage production also consumes significant volumes of water globally. Reducing the associated water footprint of production through both unit process efficiency and wastewater re-use, without compromising quality, is an essential target of the industry as well. This webinar reviews the solutions available to improve the quality and safety of water used for beverage production, in addition to water reduction and re-use methods.


By viewing this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The prevention of microbial contamination in beverage water treatment with the application of UV technology
  • Ozone for disinfection and sanitization for bottling applications
  • Advanced wastewater treatment, disinfection and re-use

Chemical Free & Sustainable Options in Beverage Industry Production

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About the Presenters

David L. McCarty
Industrial UV Sales Manager, Disinfection Division of Evoqua Water Technologies

David has over 30 years of experience in water treatment including ultraviolet disinfection and filtration both in North America and worldwide. He has B.S. degrees in Microbiology and Environmental Chemistry from the Ohio State University. Previously held positions include but are not limited to: Chief Microbiologist with the City of Columbus, OH Division of Wastewater Industrial Surveillance Laboratory, President of Aquionics Inc., and UV International Sales Manager with Calgon Carbon Corporation UV Technologies Division.

Don Lanini
Ozone Disinfection Strategic Sales Manager & Product Specialist of Evoqua Water Technologies

Don Lanini is the Strategic Sales Manager and Product Specialist for Pacific Ozone, an Evoqua brand, since 2007. Between 1998 and 2007, was a Regional Product Specialist for SFK, a power transmission company, focused on centrifugal pump applications for industrial markets. From 1992 to 1998, was a Regional Sales Manager for Rexnord Industries supporting power transmission applications and conveying systems. He is an active member of the IOA (International Ozone Association, the main trade group in the ozone industry), member of ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers), and has contributed to numerous articles and publications regarding industrial ozone applications. Don has been active in water since the age of 5 through a collegiate career as an NCAA Division 1 swimmer at Michigan State and an All American Water Polo player. Don has a BS in Construction Management, enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing and anything else challenging.

Barry Reicker
Director Customer Verticals – Food & Beverage, Renewables, Evoqua Water Technologies

Barry Reicker is a Customer Vertical Manager for Food & Beverage, Renewables. He’s been with Evoqua Water Technologies for over seven years. He’s an expert in the field of organic wastewater, and regularly consults externally with customers and internally with the engineering staff to ensure projects meet specifications.