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Ash Pond Dewatering For Fossil-Fueled Power Plants

Solutions to meet coal combustion residuals (CCR) compliance with ash pond closures

Evoqua Helps Power Companies Reclaim CCR Ash Ponds

With new federal regulations for flue gas waste and coal combustion residuals (CCR) in effect, energy companies making the transition from coal-fired to gas-fired power generation are taking action to reclaim CCR storage ponds. The regulations prohibit further storage of CCR waste in surface impoundments and encourage producers to treat, dewater and decommission ponds as soon as is practically possible.

Evoqua offers temporary and permanent water and wastewater treatment solutions to meet ELG and CCR requirements for coal-fired plants


Evoqua Supports Ash Pond Cleanup

Evoqua’s solutions for ash pond dewatering in support of pond closures include temporary and permanent treatment equipment for the removal of suspended solids and metals.

Technologies include: 

If required, polishing equipment can be utilized including reverse osmosis systems and wastewater ion exchange reactive media, or the SeHAWK® bioreactor system from Evoqua's Frontier Water Systems.

Advanced treatments for arsenic, mercury and selenium are also available when tighter outfall limits are present. Solids waste is typically concentrated, pressed, and dewatered with the resultant solid cake returned to the pond prior to capping or disposed at landfill.

As regulations evolve, coal-fired power plants will need to make decisions related to environmental strategies, treatment technologies, and implementation. Full scale systems require advance planning, engineering, and project management to allow for a cost-effective solution to meet compliance deadlines. 

Solutions to Meet Effluent Limits Include:

  • Equalization/clarification
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Sludge tanks/filter presses
  • Pironox advanced reactive media
  • Monitoring instrumentation

Solutions to Meet CCR Compliance Include:

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