Water for Injection (WFI)

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Water for Injection (WFI) is a globally defined pharmacopeia quality standard around conductivity, total organic carbon (TOC), bacteria and bacterial endotoxin for water that is used with parenteral, inhalation and some ophthalmic products.

The purest grade of bulk water is required for WFI products since they are administered directly into the body’s bloodstream. Selecting the right equipment and operating procedures to produce the appropriate water quality is critical, along with maintaining the quality with appropriate storage and distribution procedures.

water for injection

Utilizing a combination of softeners, carbon filtration, UV light, particle filtration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, electrodeionization and final filtration technologies, we can help design a WFI water system providing the needed quantities and quality of water when and where you need it.

Evoqua’s VRx is a hot water sanitizable process water generation system designed to meet the challenging needs of the pharmaceutical industry and provide a cost-effective method for producing WFI. With the addition of our fully engineered SDRx storage and distribution skid, pharmaceutical companies can quickly and easily install a fully operational water system. Microbial control, a critical quality concern for WFI, can also be maintained with the use of heat and/or ozone.

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