Water for Injection (WFI)

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What are the Water Quality Requirements for Water for Injection?

Water for Injection (WFI) is a pharmacopeia quality standard around conductivity, total organic carbon (TOC), bacteria and bacterial endotoxin for water that is used with parenteral, inhalation and some ophthalmic products. The purest grade of bulk water is required for WFI products since they are administered directly into the body’s bloodstream. 


Selecting the Right Equipment for Producing WFI

Evoqua’s VRx system is specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of the pharmaceutical industry and provides a cost-effective method for producing WFI. Utilizing a combination of softeners, carbon filtration, UV light, particle filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization and ultra filtration technologies, the VRx system provides high quality WFI when and where you need it. 


Storage, Distribution and Water Quality Control

Bulk water storage and distribution is typically required for WFI due to production demand for large quantities of water. With the addition of Evoqua’s fully engineered SDRx storage and distribution system, pharmaceutical companies can easily maintain water quality with maximum microbial management.

The SDRx system maximizes water quality by maintaining five process controls including flow rate, pressure, temperature, microbial management and regular system sanitization. This system is designed to complement the VRx process water generation system and can be sanitized using hot water or ozone.


System Sanitization

Proper sanitization is critical to maintain water quality and Evoqua offers options for both hot water and ozone sanitization.  Pacific Ozone, an Evoqua brand, is a leader in ozone technology and provides a full range of systems that are available as stand-alone packages or as part of a fully integrated water system.


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