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Evaporation Pond Dewatering

Mobile solutions for dewatering and inventory reduction to meet regulatory compliance for industrial evaporation ponds

Dewatering evaporation ponds poses a challenge for industrial companies as they must remain regulatory compliant while addressing wastewater demands. Many industrial sites have relied on arid and semi-arid climate conditions for evaporative wastewater disposal in lieu of direct discharge to surface water. Unseasonably cool or wet conditions, process upsets, and production increases can stress the thin margins by which these facilities maintain a negative water balance. In addition, facilities may need to reduce wastewater inventories to meet regulatory compliance schedules for lining or closing unlined evaporation ponds. 

Active treatment of evaporation ponds to reduce inventory can be challenging due to high concentrations of dissolved solids and high scaling potential.

Solutions for Maintaining a Negative Water Balance

Evoqua works with numerous facilities in the metals, mining, power, and chemical processing industries to provide cost-effective solutions for maintaining a negative water balance. Our solutions range from mobile equipment and services in order to execute a particular dewatering campaign to complete outsourcing of reuse systems for zero-liquid discharge applications. Evoqua has the experience and expertise to provide cost-effective water inventory management options as well as complete dewatering and solids handling solutions.

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