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Tailings Pond & Mine Pit Water Treatment

Solutions for treating industrial mining wastewater and meeting environmental discharge regulations

Wastewater in the mining industry frequently requires treatment for sulfate, nitrate or heavy metals to meet regulatory requirements for discharge to the environment. High concentrations of dissolved solids, silica, calcium sulfate or mineral acidity can make the wastewater very difficult to treat.


Tailings Ponds Treatment

Tailings ponds are used for temporary storage of waste materials left behind by the industrial mining process. These are filled with elements that are a hazardous byproduct and if not treated properly, can be toxic to the environment. The mixture in tailings ponds consists of waste created by the extraction process and water to create a slurry. The slurry created makes the tailings left by mining easier to handle and treat. Reclamation techniques are used to return the area to its orginal state once the mining project is complete and the tailings ponds are no longer needed.

Evoqua's MC® Press 2100 filter press under construction for use in a mining operation.

Evoqua offers solutions for treating these types of challenging waters. Many of our advanced treatment technologies can be deployed on a mobile platform with complete operations outsourcing to support emergency and short-term treatment needs for remote mining locations.

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