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Advanced metals treatment for stormwater runoff

Stormwater runoff may require treatment for low levels of total suspended solids (TSS), nitrates and various metals which can negatively impact the environment, such as copper, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminum and more.

Evoqua designs, supplies and services systems that require the flexibility to meet the urgent, but often intermittent nature of stormwater runoff. Using our specialty adsorptive medias and full line of treatment equipment, Evoqua can provide systems that meet even the lowest discharge limit requirements.

stormwater channel

Evoqua starts by undertaking an analysis of the current stormwater through sampling and historical data analysis. This is followed by a bench scale study to select the proper treatment solution, to confirm that the regulated discharge limits can be met and to perform throughput modeling to understand the longevity and efficacy of the solution. When delivering onsite, both full scale, pilot and rental solutions can be provided, which are supported on an on-going basis by our unmatched network of field service technicians. 

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