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Evoqua is your partner for keeping your ship safe and operational. We provide solutions for marine growth prevention, biological fouling protection, Alaska HB80 Wastewater discharges and UV for drinking water to ensure the smooth sailing of your vessel. Whether you’re looking to reduce cost by increasing both the life of your hull and fuel efficiency or achieve compliance to water requirements, trust us to have the right solution. 

We can provide marine biofouling and ship corrosion protection solutions specifically developed for commercial vessels, cruise ships, ferries, work boats, yachts and small crafts. Our products are designed and manufactured to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Evoqua has provided marine solutions to the US Navy and US Coast Guard for over 50 years. Our military ship biofouling and corrosion solutions are designed for harsh and rugged environments and can be engineered to meet your specific application needs.

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Mobile Water Treatment Keeps U.S. Navy Ships Moving

Evoqua's mobile services provide quick turnaround with efficient water treatment at Norfolk Naval Station.

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