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Environmental Remediation Of Water And Vapor

Organic and inorganic contaminants can be found in air, water and soil. They can be naturally occurring, or man-made which may be found throughout the environment.

Water Remediation

Evoqua Water Technologies has a range of capabilities that can mitigate contaminants found throughout the environment. For the remediation of different waters, Evoqua has a variety of emergency, mobile and permanent solutions, along with a host of related services.

From groundwater aquifers, surface water and other water sources Evoqua has proven media and membrane-based solutions to remove contaminants to meet treatment goals and other requirements. From carbon, ion exchange and reverse osmosis  to mobile or permanent biological solutions we can remove contaminants from water sources from these and other sites:

  • Groundwater remediation sites
    • Construction, browfield, superfund,
      general municipal
  • Municipal drinking water sources
    • Aquifers, lakes, streams, surface waters, other
  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Areas of fire-fighting training
  • General industry
    • Where compliance is required for discharge into local sewer or other waterways
  • Mining applications
  • Oil, gas and chemical production facilities

Vapor Control

When the air contains hazardous substances or airborne contaminants Evoqua utilizes several solutions to mitigate hazardous vapors.

For many odor-related issues Evoqua uses carbon-based solutions to treat odors in the air. Carbon based solutions for odor and other vapors are used for municipal wastewater and industrial applications. Some applications in municipal wastewater also use media-based (not carbon) combined with liquid for localized vapor control. Carbon, liquid, and other media-based vapor control solutions are used in these industries:

  • Municipal wastewater
  • Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Other manufacturing

Many hazardous vapors are treated thermally using a mobile thermal oxidizer. Evoqua's thermal oxidizers range in size from 3MM BTU to 50MM BTU and can be connected directly to a vapor source where the contaminants are heated sufficiently to render the vapor safe as it enters the atmosphere. Evoqua's 50MM BTU/hr TO is also Coast Guard compliant for use in marine degassing applications. Evoqua's mobile vapor control capabilities also include Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) units and vapor scrubbers.

All of these capabilities are utilized effectively during planned maintenance events in industrial sites. Applications for thermal oxidization are found mainly in:

  • Refining
  • Oil and gas production
  • Chemical production
  • Marine degassing
  • Railroad tank degassing

Soil Vapor Remediation & Sub Slab Depressurization

Soil can also become contaminated by surface and sub surface spills. Although Evoqua does not treat the soil, vapors in the soil can be extracted and treated by using soil extraction removing volatile organic compounds and semi-volatile organic compounds, and free phase and dissolved fuels from soil.

Evoqua also uses dual-phased extraction systems whereby contaminants are removed from soil vapor as well as free phase product and groundwater, concurrently.

Applications for soil vapor extraction systems and dual, or multi-phase extraction systems are typically on sites related to

  • Brownfield
  • Superfund
  • Construction
  • UST Sites
  • Dry cleaner sites

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