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High Purity Ingredient Water

Solutions to achieve consistent high purity ingredient water in the food & beverage industry

High purity ingredient water is vital to producing consistent product quality, including flavor, smell and texture. Water is an essential ingredient and, in some cases, the main element in many food and beverage products. Businesses need to be certain that high purity ingredient water is readily available, even as they expand in size or add new products. This requires a treatment system in place that can handle flunctuations in demand while remaining regulatory compliant.

As business needs change, food and beverage plants depend on consistent, reliable water quality to ensure maximum production efficiency and uptime.

Produce Consistent Quality Products

As previously mentioned, water is an essential, if not the main ingredient of any food or beverage product. This means consistent product quality requires consistent water quality. A high purity water system is able to deliver ingredient water that achieves the following:

  • No taste or odor 
  • No tint or color
  • Low in bacteria and organic substances
  • Low quantity of salt and other minerals
  • Free of chlorine


Be Compliant with Industry Requirements

Food and beverage manufacturers with a high purity ingredient water system in place benefit from producing a better product, but also by meeting compliance requirements. The food and beverage industry has some of the strictest potable water quality standards in place. A proper treatment solution should address concerns regarding bacteria, inorganic compounds, byproducts, and other substances. 


Our Ingredient Water Solutions

As a partner to many leading food and beverage brands, Evoqua plays a critical role in designing and delivering water treatment systems to safely keep production flowing. We offer a complete range of solutions from filtration to pretreatment, demineralization, disinfection and polishing. With a robust service network, Evoqua can provide technical support and preventative maintenance including the industry's most comprehensive aftermarket parts and service program.

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