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Top Trends Driving the Use of UV Disinfection for Microbial Control

Discover the top trends driving the use for uv disinfection in the food and beverage market

Discover the number of emerging microbial pathogens that now display an increased tolerance to chlorine and pasteurization methods. Find out how to achieve protection of quality and brand integrity by utilizing validated UV disinfection technology in product liquids, process water or industrial effluent while reducing energy and operating costs. Attendees will learn how effective UV treatment can be an alternative to pasteurization, reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals or additives to prevent contamination, achieve water reuse initiatives and meet industrial effluent requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how UV disinfection works
  • Learn about the top 5 trends driving the urgent need to use UV disinfection
  • Know what to expect in lamp technology, design and performance validation to achieve the most effective disinfection

Top 5 Trends Driving the Use of UV Disinfection for Microbial Control

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About the Presenter

Jon C McClean,VP of Research, Development and Engineering, Evoqua Water Technologies

Jon C McClean has over 30 years of experience in the field of UV photolysis and disinfection. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics, an MBA degree and has been engaged in UV companies since 1986. Jon is the VP of Research, Development and Engineering within Evoqua's Aquatics and Disinfection division. Jon is known as an industry expert that often speaks at conferences around the globe. Jon won the prestigious Queens Award: Innovation from the UK Government in 2001 for the design and application of UV lamps made from synthetic quartz specifically for TOC removal from Ultra Pure Water.