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Ion Exchange Resin (IER)

Ion exchange resins are synthetic polymeric beads or granules that contain charged sites that can attract, from a solution, ions of the opposite charge, in order to remove or concentrate impurities

Evoqua supplies ion exchange resins for water treatment in industrial applications (e.g., boiler make-up water, softening, deionization) as well as specialty resins for critical high purity applications in the microelectronics, nuclear, and food & beverage industries. Ion exchange resin is also successfully used in municipal water to remove environmentally sensitive components such as PFAS/PFOS, perchlorates and heavy metals from drinking water and for other remediation applications. 

We are excited to announce our acquisition of Epicor, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality powdered ion exchange resins and resin/fiber mixtures for the power industry. Learn more here.

We even provide a full ion exchange service which can be utilized on demand or set up on a recurring maintenance schedule.

Download our comprehensive Ion Exchange Resin and Media Cross Reference Guide

Highest Quality

These resins and resin/fiber mixtures are the highest quality & nuclear power plants use them almost exclusively

Nuclear & Fossil Plants

This material is well suited for freshwater cooled N plant condensate polisher, RWCU, FP, & RW in nuclear plants, & air-cooled plant condensate polishers in fossil plants

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Epicor™ Powdered Ion Exchange Resin

Epicor™ Powdered Ion Exchange Resin

Epicor powdered resins and resin/fiber mixtures for nuclear and fossil power plants and industrial applications, are exclusively distributed by Evoqua. 

We are excited to announce our acquisition of Epicor, inc! Learn more here.

For information on other solutions we offer for nuclear power visit our Nuclear Power page.

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