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Evoqua Keeps Water Flowing for Apache Junction Residents

Mobile filtration system prevents water shortage and meets two-week delivery and start-up time during holiday season


The city was approaching a lack of potable water for the city’s 19,000 residents for a two-month period. Several factors led to this potential crisis for the city. They included the failure of a major producing well, an arsenic contaminated well treatment system was behind schedule for maintenance and there was a scheduled maintenance shutdown for a treatment plant that supplies much of the city’s supply.

Apache Junction called on Evoqua Water Technologies who had previously installed a temporary water treatment system that meet their stringent capacity requirements, quality specifications, and had completed the last project within the tight time constraints.


Evoqua employed its mobile clarification and horizontal filtration technologies, along with required pipes, pumps and tanks to the site.  This system treated 700 gpm of water from the Central Arizona Project canal. 

Water was first pumped to the mobile clarification unit for treatment and transferred into a storage tank where it was re-pressurized to flow through the horizontal filter trailer for filtration before being re-pressurized again for transfer into the city's distribution system.


Evoqua Water Technologies was able to meet the two-week delivery and start-up time for the city of Apache Junction during the holiday season.  The customer was satisfied with the team effort applied to this project under the time constraints imposed by the situation.   
Evoqua used its mobile clarification technology followed by its horizontal filter trailer.  This was the first use of the horizontal filter trailer for this application.  

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