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Carbon Filters Remove Contaminants From Boiler Feedwater

Northeastern US facility required removal of chlorine, chloramines, and organic matter to increase water purity


Chlorine, chloramines and organic matter in the feed water to a Northeastern U.S. facility were adversely affecting the existing mixed bed deionization system. The facility had purchased the mixed bed deionizer for increased water purity, but plant personnel were not aware of the need to remove the chlorine, chloramines and organic matter in the incoming feed water. Some of the challenges plant personnel faced:

  • The level and types of organic matter had significant seasonal variation
  • The chlorine and chloramines levels were damaging the physical structure of the mixed bed resin.
  • The effectiveness and throughput of the deionized water was reduced
  • The resin beds were fouled and lifespan was shortened
  • Unplanned downtimes occurred with increased frequency

Plant personnel needed a quick, reliable solution that would maximize production and protect the existing deionizers and resin beds.


Evoqua supplied a carbon filter to remove the chlorine and chloramines and reduce the organics in the feed water. With chlorine levels of less than 0.2 parts per million having a detrimental effect upon the life of the resin beds, the carbon filters protect downstream equipment and ensure long-term reliable performance.

The carbon filters are ideal for all industries where the incoming water contains chlorine, chloramines and organic matter. Carbon filters are installed upstream of deionizers and are generally used to remove:

  • Color
  • Odors
  • THM's
  • Tastes
  • VOC's

For this installation, the filtration bed consists of premium grade activated carbon that was specially selected for its capacity to remove chlorine and chloramines and reduce the level of organics. In other applications, the carbon will be specially selected based upon the contaminants that need to be removed.


Many plant managers throughout the world struggle with chlorine, chloramines and organic matter in the feed water coming into their plants. By using the carbon filters, these contaminants are removed or reduced which protect the resin beds. Carbon filters prior to deionization systems ensure:

  • Maximum performance
  • Consistent quality and quantity of water and run times
  • Minimal unscheduled downtimes
  • Protection of the resin from premature fouling which ensures long life

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