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Water Treatment At Construction Sites

Construction sites of all types face water issues, from contaminant removal such as PFAS, to solids removal, algae removal, mitigating surface waters and more.

Evoqua Water Technologies has many solutions for construction water treatment. We can mitigate surface water and other water issues with our mobile Solids Removal Systems (SRS). When your water tests show a level of contaminant such as PFAS or others we can bring your water into complance for discharge into the municipal pipeline or into a water source.

We can also handle the dredge spoils from municipal or other dredging operations along coastlines or in harbors. Other construction projects such as tunnels, utility corridors, spillways and commercial development also benefit from our on site water treatment.

Construction Site Water Treatment

Construction sites benefit from our mobile treatment abilities. From solids removal systems (SRS) to mitigating contaminants such as PFAS that take your water out of compliance, we can mitigate construction site water issues.

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