Silicon & Polysilicon

Solutions meeting ultrapure water quality, wastewater & discharge sustainability goals

Production of high-purity silicon and polysilicon used in the fabrication of semiconductors has been evolving to meet the increasing quality needs of device manufacturers. Purity of the silicon wafer substrate has an impact on the ability of integrated device manufacturers to maintain and/or increase yields. With geometries getting smaller, contamination in the silicon wafer are getting stricter. Metals (including boron), silica, TOC and particles are the most common contaminants that need to be reduced.

What was acceptable several years ago is now unacceptable in terms of allowable contaminant concentrations.  Since these chemicals are aqueous based, the primary target for reducing contamination is the UPW quality. 

Most chemical producers already have systems and infrastructure in place where modifications and additional technologies can be implemented to reduce contaminants. However, this is not as easy as it seems, since it can be challenging to conduct a retrofit while keeping up with production demands.  

Wastewater challenges that chemical producers face include aging equipment, increased production, new products with different chemistries, limitations on city water intake, limitations on facility outfall volume or regulated species and corporate sustainability goals.

Whether it’s a new production facility or an existing one, Evoqua can provide UPW and wastewater solutions to ensure high-purity specialty chemical producers meet their UPW quality, wastewater discharge and sustainability goals.

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