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VNX 55-E & 55-EX Module for Microelectronics

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High-flow module, designed to produce high-purity water for the microelectronics industry

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Discontinued product

High-flow module, designed to produce high-purity water for the microelectronics industry

Discontinued product


The VNX55-E high flow module is designed with proven Ionpure® continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) technology to produce high purity water. Performance has been optimized for high recovery and the ultrapure water demands of the microelectronics industry.

Each VNX55-E industrial module has a nominal flow rate of 55 gpm (12.5 m³/h).

Multiple 55 gpm modules provide for simplified system design with flow rates up to, and greater than 1,000 gpm

Features and Benefits


  • Guaranteed 18 MΩ-cm product resistivity, optimized for microelectronics and UPW systems
  • Silica and Boron removal of ≥ 95%
  • Sodium and chloride removal ≥ 99.8%
  • 98.5 – 99% recovery for loop usage and high water savings
  • Robust leak-free sealing with through-port gasket
  • High flow module reduces system costs and simplifies skid design
  • Connection fittings are included
  • On-board junction box for DC power connections
  • 50mm butt weld natural polypropylene kits and drawings available


  • No need for acid/caustic, neutralization systems or tank exchanges
  • Significantly lowers operating costs compared to conventional ion exchange


Flow Rate, Maximum: m³/hr
  • 22.7
Flow Rate, Minimum: m³/hr
  • 5.7
Flow Rate, Minimum: gpm
  • 25
Flow Rate, Maximum: gpm
  • 100
Operating Temperature, Minimum: °F
  • 68
Operating Temperature, Maximum: °F
  • 113
Operating Temperature, Minimum: °C
  • 20
Operating Temperature, Maximum: °C
  • 45