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Nanotechnology Centers

Water & wastewater solutions that improve product quality & help achieve sustainability goals

Nanotechnology centers are unique. They can be small scale production facilities, materials research laboratories, facilities developing integrated device manufacturing tools, processes and techniques or developing new metrology technologies. Typically, these centers are affiliated with universities and partially sponsored by device, metrology and/or tool manufacturers (stakeholders), however some can be government laboratories.

The challenge with developing a nanotechnology center, from a water and wastewater standpoint, is that the ultrapure water (UPW) quality and waste treatment requirements are a moving target until the stakeholders and their requirements are clearly defined.  Often the initial request for UPW quality is per ASTM E-1.2, but rarely does that get implemented once the project progresses and gets further definition. However, it is not uncommon to design a UPW system with the ability to upgrade with minimal impact to prepare for the tighter water quality requirements.

Wastewater treatment for nanotechnology centers are, for the most part, acid waste neutralization systems. Since these centers are not high-volume manufacturing facilities, the low volume of chemicals can be collected and disposed of economically off-site as opposed to on-site treatment.  Other wastewater challenges that nanotechnology centers face include limitations on city water intake, limitations on facility outfall volume or regulated species and institutional sustainability goals.

At any stage of planning and development, Evoqua can provide UPW and wastewater solutions to help nanotechnology centers meet their UPW quality, wastewater discharge and sustainability goals.

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