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Integrated Device Manufacturing

Water & wastewater solutions designed for state-of-the-art technology

Integrated device manufacturing requires water and wastewater solutions designed specifically for the types, geometries and chemistries of the devices being fabricated. Evoqua’s ultrapure water (UPW) and wastewater solutions support integrated device manufacturers with products and services for improving yields and meeting sustainability goals.

Facilities that are fabricating state-of-the-art devices typically have specific UPW criteria to meet.  Most common are high-volume manufacturers (24/7/365), where downtime cannot be tolerated and sustaining or improving yields are of utmost importance.  Small-volume and specialty device manufacturing may not have the same production requirements, but are still held accountable to the same UPW requirements.

Wastewater treatment can be challenging for integrated device manufacturing, especially high-volume manufacturing due to large flow rates and potential variability in the types of devices being fabricated.  Wastewater challenges include increased production, new devices with different chemistries, limitations on city water intake, limitations on facility outfall volume or regulated specifications and corporate sustainability goals.

At each new technology node, Evoqua can provide UPW and wastewater solutions to help integrated device manufacturers meet their production, discharge and sustainability goals.

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