Evoqua removes PFAS from Michigan construction site

"Non-detect" treatment goal met and 21 million gallons of water cleaned in downtown site


Muskegon, Michigan is on the west side of the state on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s a busy, industrial city which has been a key Great Lakes shipping hub for generations and has been affected by economic downturns in the past. An expansive investment effort to reinvigorate the city has led to several construction projects, among them a new convention center. It will connect an existing hotel to the arena and act as an innovation hub on the waterfront.



Because of the high-water table, a dewatering rate exceeding 300 gpm was required to build the foundation. Once the water was tested PFAS was detected at 41 ppt. Construction Simplified, the city’s Owner’s Representative contacted Evoqua Water Technologies for a PFAS treatment solution. Evoqua then worked closely and directly with Construction Simplified and the City of Muskegon.


Evoqua brought a mobile 20,000lb carbon filtration system using Evoqua’s AquaCarb® S Series reactivated granular carbon to downtown Muskegon. Additional equipment was added to the system, which included frac tanks for holding the clean water, bag filters and pumps.


The treatment goal set by the city was ‘non-detect’ which was met for the duration of the project using Evoqua’s dewatering and filtration solution. A third-party tested the treated water and verified the treatment goal was met. Over the two-month period of the project, Evoqua treated 21 million gallons of water and reintroduced clean water back into the sanitary sewer system.


" Based on Evoqua’s proven experience at mitigating PFAS and with their emergency response capabilities, we were confident we had the best partners on board. "

Jeff Salowitz, Partner, Construction Simplified

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