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Green Hydrogen

Electrolysis, high-purity water generation, and water treatment solutions for green hydrogen production

Decarbonizing our planet is critical to protecting it for future generations. To make this a reality, the energy transition is a key priority across the world. As we all work to find innovative renewable solutions to meet our increasing energy demands, one critical component of our future energy mix is likely to be green hydrogen.

Today, the majority of hydrogen generation is still based on fossil fuels, but green hydrogen production is increasing and, once profitable at scale, production is expected to surge. This clean fuel is produced via electrolysis, using renewable energy sources. Once generated, hydrogen gas is compressed, stored, and then transported globally. Green hydrogen has vast potential, it can be used in power generation for domestic and industrial use and in fuel cell technology to power transport.

Evoqua’s Role in Green Hydrogen Generation

Across the world, industry is working to boost sustainable hydrogen generation by improving costs through efficiency and volume. Our innovative technology solutions have been designed, engineered, and manufactured following extensive research and development.

Our Magneto® special anodes for advanced green hydrogen production, and ultra-high purity water solutions, including IonPure® EDI systems, and ETS-UV™ UV technologies, reduce the cost of green hydrogen generation.

Technology Solutions for Green Hydrogen Production

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