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Industrial dryers are used to remove additional moisture from dewatered cake

Designed as a second stage dryer for further reduction after mechanical dewatering, industrial dryers take over where the filter press, or other dewatering equipment leave off, producing an extremely dry, easily disposable material.

Dyers provide a volume reduction range of 2:1 to 5:1 and a weight reduction from water loss, with material going from 20-40% solids to 60-80% solids. Minimal operator attention is required due to the fully automatic processing cycle. They feature stainless steel construction of all internal wetted parts in drying chamber.

There are multiple material handling options for installation flexibility and the dried, granular material discharges to a bag, barrel or a dumpster for disposal.

Reduced Weight Equals Reduced Cost

Volume & weight will be drastically reduced by using a dryer, so will your costs of transportation & disposal

Material and Cost Reduction

The J-MATE Dryer can reduce 4 barrels of filter cake to 1 barrel of dried material

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