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Membrane Services

Membrane services help extend the life of your membranes, reducing & removing foulants that impede performance

Evoqua's membrane care services are a comprehensive program providing customers with the products and support services to maintain membrane systems' operating performance and minimize lifecycle cost. Our comprehensive services for membranes include membrane cleaning, diagnostic testing, and replacement/installation.

Benefits of membrane care include: extends membrane useful life and delays replacement, lowers feed pressure requirements to maintain RO permeate flow rate, lowers energy consumption, reduces downtime when off-site cleaning is combined with spare or rental membranes, minimizes manpower requirements, chemical handling/storage and waste disposal on-site, and improves consistency of membrane cleaning, RO system performance, and permeate quality.

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Lower energy consumption

Extend membrane life

Reduce downtime

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Membrane Cleaning

Filtration units that utilize membranes include:

  • Reverse osmosis,
  • Nanofiltration and
  • Ultrafiltration systems.

Evoqua has several membrane cleaning services for customers with different maintenance needs.


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