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Screw Pumps

Proven solution for lifting water, wastewater & other liquids

We offer two styles of screw pumps, both open external flight pumps as well as enclosed internal flight screw pumps. We have the ability to design, manufacture, inspect, repair and provide turnkey replacements of existing equipment which makes Evoqua the most comprehensive source for supplying and maintaining screw pumps. We offer both internal and external flight options and our product and field service experts are ready to respond to your needs.


Pump efficiencies as high as 85% & a volumetric efficiency of virtually 100%


Easily handles grit & larger solids with no upstream prescreening, grinding or grit removal required

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Screw Pumps: Inspected, Repaired, and Replaced

Increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance

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Externalift™ Screw Pumps

Solutions for lifting water, wastewater and liquids.

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Internalift® Screw Pumps

Contained solutions for lifting large flows of liquid or liquid solid mixtures

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