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Chemical Feed, Neutralization & Precipitation Systems

Precipitation, pH neutralization & solids settler systems designed to minimize operator attention

Neutralization and precipitation systems are typically comprised of a number of components that can be configured into a variety of wastewater treatment systems. The integrated electrical controls result in minimal operator attention and the majority of the components are skid mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired, for fast and easy installation. The compact designs require the minimal amount of floor space.​

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AquaSaver™ Dual Direction pH Control Skid

The AquaSaver™ Dual Direction pH Control Skid is a totally integrated, skid-mounted treatment station.

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Air Diaphragm Pump Systems

Transfers wastewater from tanks or sumps

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Chemical Reaction Systems: RX/RXP Series

RX (FRP tanks) and RXP (HDPE tanks)

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Concentrate Metering System

Collects and meters concentrated wastes

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Cyanide Destruct Systems

CN (FRP tanks) and CNP (HDPE tanks)

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Equalization and Water Storage Tanks

Provides sufficient volume for collecting water, wastewater, and/or recycle water

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Batch Treatment Systems

Perform batch chemical precipitation

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Memclean MS High Solids

This is a high solids clarifier, designed with a lamella style settler.

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Memclean Clarifiers

Medium and High Solids Clarifiers

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