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PFAS Services

Effective emergency, mobile and permanent solutions for remediating emerging contaminants including PFAS from water sources.

Evoqua Water Technologies provides proven solutions for removing emerging contaminants including PFAS from municipal and industrial water sources. We can meet or exceed treatment goals and tailor a range of ownership options. We are a single-source provider of remediation services which means we can partner with you from the pilot test through the follow-up services.

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PFAS Remediation

Whether you are a municipal customer or an industrial partner we are solutions-based and technology-agnostic. That means we focus on treating PFAS in water rather than selling you a specific product. We provide the most effective solutions based on your water and treatment goals. Permanent, emergency, mobile and rental solutions are available with flexible financing options.

With one of the nation's largest and most versitile mobile fleets, and a wide array of permanent vessel systems we can meet or exceed both treatment goals and expectations.

To learn more about PFAS and our solutions sign up for our curated PFAS Resource Guide here.

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Pilot And Testing Capabilities

Evoqua is a single-source provider of contaminant removal including PFAS and other emerging contaminants. This capability includes pilot tests for media and system sizing. 

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