Clarification for Water & Wastewater Treatment

Primary, secondary & ballasted clarification

Clarification is an essential step in a water or wastewater treatment process to remove suspended solids through gravity settling, providing a clarified liquid effluent.  A secondary function of a clarifier is the removal of floating matter (scum), which has accumulated on the water surface.  Removal is accomplished by skimming to a scum collection device such as a scum trough or scum pipe.  

Clarifiers can be circular or rectangular, depending on technology preference and are widely deployed in primary, secondary and tertiary applications for treating water and wastewater where separation of solids from liquid is desired.

Evoqua offers a wide range of clarification solutions, including our innovative ballasted clarification technologies to increase capacity and contaminant removal capabilities, making clarification faster and more reliable in a smaller footprint. 

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