Magneto Special Anodes

Designer, producer & supplier of titanium anodes for electrochemical applications

Magneto Special Anodes is a global leader in the design, production and supply of high-quality titanium-based anodes with active precious metal coatings. Today our anodes are in operation in a wide range of applications in the electrochemical industry, across a number of key markets worldwide.

Over more than six decades we have worked hard to build and maintain an industry-leading reputation for product excellence, reliability and service. It is our advanced technology, coupled with our unrivalled understanding of the markets our customers operate in, that continues to set us apart.

Magneto prides itself on working in partnership with its customers to ensure the right solution is delivered for each individual application and offers ongoing support to maximize the life of your anodes. Our service capabilities and support are available worldwide, providing customer confidence today, tomorrow, and for the future.

We are fully supported with ISO9001 certified Quality Assurance System and LEAN manufacturing.

Magneto Special Anodes - From Invention to Innovation

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