Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Protect cooling towers from corrosion, fouling and scaling, while reducing operating & chemical costs

Industries utilize cooling towers to maintain heat transfer surfaces and enable process heat removal and product throughput. In commercial or building applications, cooling towers are utilized for comfort cooling.

Water from cooling tower applications attract and absorbs airborne contaminants on a continuous basis, contributing to the excessive creation of deposits (scale, corrosion, fouling and biological activity). These deposits lead to a reduction in heat transfer efficiencies and increased operating and maintenance costs.

To ensure efficient operation and long life, Evoqua offers a broad selection of filtration solutions to remove suspended solids and control biological growth in the recirculating water stream which can:

  • Improve system efficiency
  • Minimize annual cleanings
  • Maximize chemical program effectiveness
  • Support effective microbiological control
  • Reduce overall cost of operation

We also offer solutions to support water reduction, reuse, or recycle of the cooling water.  This includes: side-stream or full-flow filtration systems, UV disinfection systems, chlorine dioxide generation systems, hypochlorite generation systems, reverse osmosis, and many more.

We also offer equipment and services using membrane technology achieving greater than 95% recovery of cooling tower blowdown, with recovered water used for boiler feed applications.  Solid waste is pressed and disposed of while final, low volume concentrate can be processed further or sent to evaporation ponds.

Cooling Filtration Technologies

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