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How To Utilize Your Ozone Service Benefits

Whether your ozone system is new or 20 years old, our factory-trained ozone service team can help you increase the life of your unit.


Evoqua’s dedicated factory-trained ozone service team provides coverage from coast-to-coast. See below on the variety of ways in which we’re here to help you:

On-Site Support

Allow our on-site technicians to help you:

  • Commission new ozone systems
  • Conduct regular maintenance to existing systems
  • Provide emergency service visits

Remote Support

For minor issues or questions such as:

  • Failed parts identification
  • Alarm identification and troubleshooting
  • Acquire user manuals and schematics
  • Operating procedures

Our team can help you troubleshoot via phone by calling: (707)-747-9600

Critical & Spare Parts Support

  • Spare Parts and Critical Spares selection
  • Parts Inventory
  • MTBF Identification
  • Maintenance Documentation
Ozone systems require regular maintenance every 15,000-18.000 hours to reduce the likelihood of unexpected failure and to maximize performance.