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Mobile Decimator™ Deionization System

The mobile Decimator system is Evoqua's emergency, mobile and regularly scheduled deionization unit.

For facilities and plants that produce their own power Evoqua's mobile Decimator deionization system is essential in maintaining a consistent supply of pure water.

Boilers and other processes within a plant use large quantities of deionized water and Evoqua's mobile system is the perfect one to create the consistent supply needed. The mobile Decimator system is configurable for various flow rates and begins working after it's connected to the water source.

The resin media is regenerable and Evoqua's AQUA pro service professionals are trained experts to make any adjustments on the fly. Learn more by watching the video.

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Evoqua's Mobile Decimator System

Mobile deionization for facilities that create their own power, as well as other applications involving deionized water.

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