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Evoqua's MitiGATOR Mobile Contaminant Removal System

Mobile contaminant removal for potable water applications - including PFAS and other emerging contaminants

Evoqua's MitiGATORTM mobile system is designed to provide rapid response to customers who have contaminated potable water. The system is self-contained and climate-controlled, allowing it to be effective in all 4 seasons. 

The system uses specially-designed vessels which allow for the use of either carbons or resins. That means the system is technology-agnostic and can be configured for the local water chemistry and customer's treatment goals.

Remotely monitored 24/7/365, the MitiGATOR mobile system can be deployed to municipal drinking water sites, military bases and sites of other water producers who must treat their source water prior to distribution.

Learn more and take a peek inside the system to see how it works.

Evoqua's MitiGATOR Mobile System

Take a virtual tour of the system to watch the flow through the pipes and see how adsorption works

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