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Providing a System with Budget and Schedule Constraints

Evoqua works with a tight budget and delivery requirements to provide a system that met the semiconductor fab needs


This semiconductor fab was challenged with a tight budget and an accelerated project schedule to meet production needs.



The original bid for this job included a new UPW system with turnkey services, however the final project required Evoqua Water Technologies to utilize existing equipment supplied in a building that was being shut down. The challenge was to reinstall this equipment at another site with a very tight turn around.

Evoqua supplied additional filters, UV sterilizers, pumps, and refurbishment of the existing equipment that was necessary to meet water quality requirement for the building, as well as provide a guaranteed system. The complete system includes pretreatment, reverse osmosis, service deionization, UVs and polishing filters.

Evoqua provided installation supervision services with the relocation and installation work being contracted directly with the customer.


This project is a good example of how Evoqua Water Technologies can work within a customer’s tight budget and delivery requirements while still providing a system that meets their needs.