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The Powertron Difference

Evoqua integrates innovative technology into revamped Pacific Ozone™ product lineup

Powertron is our latest innovative technology aimed at helping you maximize your operational efficiency. Now integrated into the complete Ozone product lineup, this novel power supply design provides a new method to control power for precision O3 output that uses less energy.


With 100% linear turndown capability, this advanced technology provides stabler and quieter performance with its enhanced, robust design. The design offers revolutionary and precise control of the power in the cell to produce the corona, so energy does not become wasted heat. The design allows for unique monitoring of electrical parameters to deliver efficient energy usage reliably while improving performance and reducing maintenance needs.

By The Numbers

25% Higher Efficiency
8 Product Models
100% Linear Turndown Capability

With the new Powertron integration, customers will now also enjoy the benefit from:

  • Optimizing feed gas, creating an efficient and sustainable solution for your operation
  • Max capacity increased, so you get more ozone disinfection for your dollar
  • An improved design, to simplifying daily operation and improve field service capability when required
  • More stable performance, for highly repeatable processes operation, simplifying validations and providing consistent disinfection
  • Quieter operation, improving the ambiance of the facility

Look for the new sticker!

Look for the new Powertron sticker on all of our ozone units

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