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Mobile Water Treatment Averts Wastewater Release

Evoqua treats up to 1 MGD of brackish, acidic pond water at bankrupt florida fertilizer plant


Piney Point is the site of an inactive fertilizer facility. Following a bankruptcy filing by the parent company in 2001, the site was taken over by the State of Florida to oversee closure. Heavy rainfall and tropical storms in 2001 demanded immediate response to a potential breach of the site's pond dikes and hundreds of millions of gallons of acidic wastewater. The threat of releasing these wastewaters into Tampa Bay prompted the need for remedial service.


Evoqua Water Technologies signed a two-year service contract to support the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's remediation initiative for the Piney Point Fertilizer plant.

Evoqua provided a number of solution options for removing the wastewater off-site by truck hauling, barging, and use of the existing lime treatment and aeration systems. The customer chose the on-site solution provided, which used mobile water treatment​. The wastewater being treated contained high TDS and low pH, which posed significant scaling potential.

We provided a solution that utilized high-rate clarification followed by filtration, reverse osmosis, and demineralization. Evoqua treated up to 1 mgd of brackish, acid pond water. The contract was performance based, with guarantees on discharge water quality following the treatment process.


Evoqua Water Technologies provided a rapid response, on-site treatment solution. This unique treatment solution featured a patented clarification process which had not previously been used as the treatment standard for this type of wastewater. We were able to help this customer reduce the volume of wastewater at the site, and ultimately assisted in successfully bringing the facility to closure.