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Food Processor Upgrades Boiler Feedwater System to Meet Peak Demand

When a Midwest protein processor decided to upgrade the boiler feedwater system in its processing plant with a reverse osmosis (RO) feedwater treatment system, they relied on the expertise and superior products from Evoqua Water Technologies.


The protein processor’s decision came as the plant’s existing boiler feed RO system was showing signs of age. Rated at 75 gpm, it was having trouble meeting the boiler’s peak demand for treated feedwater. In addition, the existing system lacked the capacity to support a planned expansion of the plant. The processor planned to install a new primary 75 gpm RO system and relegate the legacy system to an on-demand backup role.


Evoqua recommended a Vantage® PTI softener paired with Evoqua’s Vantage M83 single-pass 8-inch reverse osmosis system. Vantage M83 RO systems are pre-engineered, preassembled and factory tested units that minimize installation and start-up time. The series is available in five different capacities and four different models. 

The protein processor saw the value of the M83 system’s performance features, including a VFD pump and low-pressure TFC membranes for circulating cold water during the winter. The system also included a touch-screen PLC unit for simple, direct control. On evaluation, the customer decided to upgrade its specification a 100 gpm configuration from the original 75 gpm for a relatively low incremental cost. Though the Evoqua bid wasn’t the lowest in this case, the customer decided that the extra performance would add value in the long run.

The protein processor’s engineers provided installation and integration with existing equipment in the plant. The pre-engineered and pre-assembled design of the M83 system made installation smooth and fast, with Evoqua providing startup support.


Maintaining low mineral concentrations in the feedwater to a boiler system allow for increased cycles of concentration. It also lowers the amount of deposits within the boiler which could reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the fuel consumption. With less deposits in the boiler, there is a lower likelihood of boiler tube failure causing unscheduled boiler shutdowns.

With the system online, RO capacity to the boiler increased from 75 gpm to 175 gpm as planned. This allowed the protein processor to continue to meet their boiler’s peak demand for treated feedwater and provided them with the capacity to support their planned expansion of the plant. Evoqua continues to support the plant with aftermarket parts for the Vantage PTI softener, M83 RO system and other third-party equipment.