Safeguarding your investment

Finding the right disinfection solution for your datacentre



Digital services are being relied upon now more than ever for remote working tools, streaming and online entertainment, healthcare and more. The ‘invisible infrastructure’ responsible for powering these digital services constitutes a significant business investment, so what data centre providers are doing to safeguard that investment and keep everything up and running— particularly during spikes in traffic—is key.

This underlying infrastructure that so many businesses rely on has critical needs of its own. Datacentres are extremely energy intensive and require a lot of cooling to operate—accounting for up to 60% of energy consumption in any facility.

Water filtration and disinfection systems play an important role in keeping data centres cool—and operational. Thousands of cubic metres of water flow through an average data centre cooling system each day. This water attracts and absorbs airborne contaminants on a continuous basis, contributing to the excessive creation of deposits like scale, corrosion, fouling and biological activity.

These deposits lead to a reduction in heat transfer efficiencies and if left untreated, will increase operating and maintenance costs and cause serious process issues, downtime and even outages.

Efficient, sustainable disinfection solutions like the OSEC® system, UV and Ozone can help reduce facilities’ energy costs, water waste, lost time and unplanned maintenance.