Filtration for Irrigation

Protect irrigation systems against clogging and avoid maintenance by equipping your system with the right filtration technology

Proper water filtration is crucial for consistent irrigation system performance and protecting irrigation equipment as a long-term investment. Selecting the right filtration method reduces the risk of clogging and helps extend the life of your irrigation system.

Sprinklers, pivot and drip irrigation sytems are all susceptible to clogging caused by solid particles. Clogging of these components can be costly and require time consuming maintenance that could have been avoided with filtration technology in place. Depending on the water source, contaminating particles may include salt, clay, or even algae. Evoqua can help select the right technology for your application based upon the size and type of particulate to be removed.

Sprinklers, rotors, drip emitters and other irrigation components are prone to clogging due to particulates found in irrigation water.

Irrigation Filtration Technology

Evoqua offers a complete line of intake screens, separators and self-cleaning screen filters that all offer protection for irrigation components. The right technology is determined by the size of particles being filtered as well as the water demands of your individual system. The filtration process consists of source water traveling through a series of screens that remove increasingly finer particles. As part of their filtration process, self-cleaning screen filters discharge particles from the filter and clean screens continously, minimizing downtime.

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