Clarification for Water & Wastewater Treatment

Primary, secondary & ballasted clarification

Clarification is an essential step in a water or wastewater treatment process to remove suspended solids through gravity settling, providing a clarified liquid effluent.  A secondary function of a clarifier is the removal of floating matter (scum), which has accumulated on the water surface.  Removal is accomplished by skimming to a scum collection device such as a scum trough or scum pipe.  

Evoqua offers a wide range of clarification solutions, including our innovative ballasted clarification technologies to increase capacity and contaminant removal capabilities, making clarification faster and more reliable in a smaller footprint. 

Water clarification is used in the pre-treatment of drinking water and treatment of municipal wastewater effluent

Which Type of Clarification System is Right for Your Plant?

  • Rectangular Chain and Scraper clarifier systems are available in 3-shaft and 4-shaft configurations, and a variety of chain types including molded, filament wound, and stainless steel. Selection is based on basin length and solids loading.
  • Ballasted clarification with either circular or rectangular clarifiers dramatically increases treatment capacity, helping meet ENR limits and producing effluent quality far superior than conventional alternatives, and at lower life-cycle cost.

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