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Gain control over the threat of potential contaminants

Waterborne microorganisms can affect flavor, colour, odour, and shelf life of soft drinks, bottled water and a wide variety of food products. It is critical that product or process water is free from contamination to ensure water quality and quantity is consistent and meets production requirements.

In this safety-conscious market with stringent regulation, manufacturers trusted with our food safety are challenged to keep their production process sanitised without introducing impurities to their products. Evoqua understands the production systems used by food processors and the importance of keeping employees and products safe.

With the beverage industry facing sustainability and cost challenges, new treatment innovations can deliver a much-needed advantage.

Today, businesses are looking to reduce the quantity of chemicals used for disinfection, save energy and carbon emissions, as well as optimise processes for maximum efficiency. Innovation is therefore key, and we have a range of technology solutions that will provide your answer.

Our UV, ozone and chlorine disinfection systems allow manufacturers to gain complete control over potential contaminants and reduce the risk of costly production downtime, product recall, spoilage, or damage to brand equity.

Whether you require an effective solution for water intake and process water, utility water treatment, clean in place (CIP) or surface cleaning and disinfection, Evoqua has developed industry-leading processes and products to meet every need.

Disinfection Systems for Food & Beverage Applications

Application  UV Ozone Chlorine Dioxide


Pre-treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
RO/CDI Protection Yes
CIP Yes Yes Yes
De-chlorination Yes Yes
De-ozonation Yes
Bottle Rinse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product Water Yes
Final Product Yes
Rinse Water Yes Yes Yes
Barrel Sanitisation Yes
Surface Sanitisation Yes Yes
Utility Water Yes Yes Yes
Water Re-Use Yes Yes Yes Yes

Disinfection Solutions in Food & Beverage Production

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